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Interior designer, Carey Maloney, and architect Hermes Mallea, founded their award winning firm, M(Group) in 1984.  The firm has been published internationally and has received accolades for “employing classic forms wisely, with wit and subtlety, for a roster of illustrious clients.”


Carey Maloney (MBA Thunderbird School of Global Management) worked for Christie's before establishing M(Group) with Mr. Mallea.  Mr. Maloney's innovative monograph, "STUFF: The M(Group) Interactive Guide to Collecting, Decorating with, and Learning About Wonderful and Unusual Things" (Pointed Leaf Press 2012) garnered extensive press coverage.  In addition to designing, writing and lecturing, Mr. Maloney has served on the boards of trustees of The New York Library and the MAC AIDS Fund.  


In addition to his design work, architect Hermes Mallea RA, (MA University of Miami, Columbia University) lectures internationally about Cuban architecture, design, and contemporary culture and frequently travels to the island for research.  Mr. Mallea has written three books, "Great Houses of Havana" (Monacelli, 2011), Escape: The Heyday of Caribbean Glamour" (Rizzoli 2014) and "Havana Living Today: Cuban Home Style Now" (Rizzoli, 2016).  Mr. Mallea is involved in a number of organizations promoting cultural, commercial, and artistic ties between the United States and Cuba.  He serves on the boards of the CINTAS Foundation, Havana Heritage Foundation, and the Friends of Clermont (NY).  Mr. Mallea was honored as a Pillar of New York by the Preservation League of New York State in 2020. 


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